5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

As any WordPress user knows, Plugins are important part of the websites, and finding the right ones can be a chore. It requires a lot of time, effort, and searching to get the best WordPress plugins.

For those not familiar with the website development and the coding, WordPress is the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) in the market. It powers nearly 27 percent of the overall market share with a whopping number 74.6 million websites created with this platform. The WordPress plugins are the extended pieces of code that can be added to these sites to add additional features that weren’t present before.

And the best part about all of this is that WordPress is free to use. And you are offered with more than 50,000 free plugins. For any entrepreneur who’s on a startup budget, WordPress plugins can be a very attractive way to integrate new features without even knowing coding.

So, which WordPress plugins to use?

Your selection over the WP plugins depends solely upon your business nature and what you want to serve your clients with. For every business website, small, medium or a large one, it is important to make sure using these five plugins for maximum outcomes. Let’s take a look at the most used WordPress plugins.

Anti-Spam Login

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

Almost every business manages a blog page where they encourage visitors to leave comments. For the blog commenting, there is a free plugin pre-installed. But, it is pertinent to mention here that this plugin is not activated by default, and sometimes many users don’t bother to activate it. If you are handling a publish website with a lot of stuff to read for the visitors, the Akismet plugin is definitely a necessity. Having Akismet running in the background allows you to remove the spam before it goes live on your site. It allows you to have some more time to create content rather than cleaning it up.

Online Security Plugin

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

For every online business website, it is important to make available a safer browsing experience to the visitors and hiring a professional IT expert can be a costly affair for most early stage business owners.Wordfenceis a specially designed online security plugin, helping you to fill in those gaps until you can find someone who can protect your business from the cyber attackers. It’s not there in the list because it is the most famous one, but because it is the most effective in preventing security attacks.

Page-Loading Optimization Plugin

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

Do you wait for the heavy websites to load even if they are offering something amazing? Of course, you don’t and similar is the case with the other internet users. How fast a website loads is often overlooked by many entrepreneurs and the visitors. Faster loading websites are likely to be loved and adored by the visitors and the load time also affects your SEO. WP Super Cache not only does the dirty work of handling cache but ensures a better experience for your site visitors as well. It helps reduce load time, making future requests for that data faster.

Image Optimization Plugin

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

This is another type of the best WordPress plugins that has a direct relation with the website loading speed and performance as your website’s speed is greatly affected by the content you put on your site.Many website owners are making the mistake of taking the original file and embedding them onto the site. They just sometimes only resize the appearance of the image, and not the image file itself. In such conditions, the problem is that image may look optimized on the page, but your site is still storing the original file on the server which affects your page loading speed.

Social Media Plugins

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

We are living in an age where almost everyone is available on social media hence the power of these platforms can’t be denied. Millions of people are interacting and doing business online via these platforms. A social sharing plugin allows your visitors to share your page content to others simply with a single click. Social media is the close-to-free way to increase exposure for your business.

So, now that you have a basic set of plugins installed on your business website, make sure to update them regularly. Just like the WordPress itself, plugins need to be kept up-to-date to manage and prevent new online threats from hackers.


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