Amazon Go Now Open for General Public: Everything You Need to Know About It!


In a great move to revolutionize the way we buy groceries, Amazon opened the highly advanced and automated store with no checkout operators or self-service tills. The Amazon Go store was opened today at the ground floor of Amazon’s new headquarters on Seventh Avenue in Seattle.

Wondering how a store can work without the cashiers? Well, Amazon has actually turn it into a reality with the technology. The first clue that there’s something unusual about the store hits you right at the front door. You may be feeling lie entering inside a subway station with a row of gates guard at the entrance, allowing people in only with the store’s smartphone app. Shoppers can simply go to the Amazon Go app and scan a QR code on top of the white turnstile to register your presence and enter the store.

And mind it the technology doesn’t mind if you accidentally checkout without paying the bills.

The is an 1,800-square foot mini-market packed with shelves of food products that you can find in a lot of other convenience stores. Whether you’re looking or ketchup, soda, potato chips, tomatoes, everything’s available here. The store also offers some foods usually found at Whole Foods, the supermarket chain that Amazon owns.

And the best thing about the Amazon Go store is the technology that offers the shoppers an experience like no other. I mean no cashiers or registers anywhere for cash transactions. Shoppers can easily leave the store through those same gates, without pausing to pull out a credit card. Their bill will be automatically deducted from their Amazon account.

Speaking with the media during the launch event, Gianna Puerini, vice president of Amazon Go, said “Our plan from the beginning was … what can we do so you could walk into the place, take anything you want and leave.”

Although the Amazon Go was expected to be live for the public last year, but it has come as a great surprise as people are actually loving to buy from the highly automated brick-and-mortar store. But at the same time, it also raises concerns over the future as the Amazon has greatly replaced the humans with technology.

It’s Fast & Convenient

The first and the most amazing thing you’d experience about this automated supermarket is that you are provided with a wide range of products on the shelve like pasta salads, lettuce salads, wraps and sandwiches, making it easy for someone to dash in and grab whatever you want to.

You can simply food or anything and run back out. Professionals available at the store will make sure restock items, making sure the store never runs out of popular selections. The store has been open for the past year, but only for the Amazon employees. The opening of the store for general public marks the first time members of the public can shop there. In order to shop from the Amazon Go store, you simply need to have a regular Amazon account, the Amazon Go app, and to be in Seattle.

The Future of Shopping

The announcement of the Amazon Go store opening for general public resulted in lots of worries among millions of people working as cashiers and on other profiles for supermarket stores along with the traditional retailers, who were worried they weren’t keeping up with Amazon. The Amazon Go is surely going to kill millions of jobs in the future” claimed a supermarket professional, to which Amazon denied.” Retailers could have and should have been pursuing this all along,” Forrester analyst Brendan Witcher. In fact, it will be a great experience for the traditional shoppers, allowing them to make purchases and simply leave the store without waiting for the lines at cash counters.

If you are shopping in a group or with family and want to get billed out separately for whatever you purchase, each of you can sign in to your account on a separate phone.  Everything you select will be added to your account. You can check your recipient at the Amazon Go app, and if you see something you didn’t purchase, there’s an option available to delete the charge. You need to mention the reason for the deletion process.

For sure, Amazon Go is the future of buying groceries in local stores, but the company still needs to work on the features where it doesn’t bill for something that people don’t mention in the purchasing list. It means you won’t be charged for something you don’t mention in the app.


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