Best Cheap Headphones You Can Buy In 2018

Best Cheap Headphones You Can Buy In 2018

At Tecraze, we’re a team of some crazy people (in a good way) who’ve built a reputation of having a knack of knowing the gadgets well and deeply. But what sets us apart from the others is the passion for finding great technology that you can get your hands on without having to mortgage something to afford. And since headphones are something we all want to be great-performing, we’ve compiled a list of the best cheap headphones you can get in 2018.

Let’s explore the list of best cheap headphones:

RHA S500

Whether you’re looking for something to accompany you during the travel or need the best workout headphones, the ‘RHA S500’ seem to be the winner thanks to its amazing sound quality and ability to noise reduction.

For its cheap price, the RHA S500 frankly has no right to sound as good as it does. It has got the best sound clarity and precision of any in-ear headphone you may have tried so far. It comes with a super-comfortable fit that doubles the experience as a passive noise barrier. In a category with tons of great competition, the RHA S500 stands well above the rest.

Anker SoundBuds NB10

If you love to go wireless while outdoors or indoors without compromising with the sound quality, the Anker SoundBuds NB10 are made for you. These wireless headphones off good-quality sound, that come with a long-lasting power backup let you go wireless for hours with a single charge that too at cheap cost.

they’re comfortable, sound good and the most important thing about Anker SoundBuds NB10 is that they don’t fall out mid-workout.

Skullcandy Grind

since the beginning, I knew skullcandy will make it to the list of top cheap headphones in 2018 and here comes the “Grind.” The bass-heavy headphones bring a built-in microphone to the mix along with the amazing sound quality at a bargain basement price. Whatever you’ve been looking for in a pair of great headphones, the Skullcandy Grind will do everything. They’re powerful yet affordable, they’re light but not fragile. Whenever you enjoy your favorite music track with these headphones, the sound doesn’t spew out everywhere, making them one of the best cheap headphones in 2018.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

Although Creative has been long known for the home-base music systems, but it seem to be working great on the headphones as well. Creative Sound Blaster Jam give you the freedom from those shackles of wires, giving you the freedom to enjoy your music tracks without being constantly tethered to your phone, MP3 Player or PC.

The Creative Sound Blaster JAM is lightweight, sounds great and is dirt cheap. They come with the foam earpads that sit directly on top of your ears instead of encompassing them entirely, giving you a better music listening experience.

CB3 Hush Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you find the over-ear headphones as Swiss-army knives of headphones, then noise-canceling headphones can be the paring knives. What I mean to say here is that the noise-canceling headphones trade overall audio fidelity for the ability to cancel out incoming sound waves. And the best noise-canceling headphones we’ve found so far in a budget range are the CB3 Hush are value to your money devices. The CB3 does deliver on its promise of cheap, effective noise-cancellation at under $100.

What to look for in cheap headphones

When testing and recommending the best cheap headphones to the readers, we not only emphasize on the sound quality, but the comfort as well. Of course, sound fidelity is always clearly the essential detail, but the most important thing during our search include comfort, design and other features also.

We’re also human and we also prefer our music detail-rich and well-balanced. But, we always ensure being a bit critic when suggesting you the best headphones as we never want you to go through the discomfort while listening to your favorite music tracks.

Want the best-of-the-best, no expense spared? Get your hands on one of the best headphones in 2018!


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