Best Cheap Wireless Keyboards & Mouse Combos You Can Buy


Having a wireless keyboard is a great choice for the modern people as not just the best cheap wireless keyboards and mouse let you go free from the cables, but also you can operate your PC or laptop from a few meters away. However, buying a wireless keyboard may seem a costly affair for the consumers, but it is actually not as Tecraze brings to you a set of the top 5 wireless keyboards you can buy under Rs. 1000 this year.

After a few hours of searching and reading users’ reviews over tens of different products available on the virtual world, we’re sure that you find the products listed below usable and worth buying.

Top Best Cheap Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combos

HP HP-200


HP 200


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This is probably the most compact, useful and affordable wireless keyboard that anyone can purchase. HP has been the most trusted brand in the international market of computer accessories so you can trust upon the performance and usability of the HP HP-200. One of the best cheap wireless keyboards by Logitech, the HP-200 model comes with a wireless range of upto 10 meters with plug-and-use functionality making it easier for the users to connect it to your PC or laptop.

It has a 3-year manufacturer warrantee so you need not to spend money for the repair if it gets non-functional within 3 years after the purchase and the noise-less keys at HP-200 are simply amazing.


Dell KM117



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If you adore classy things and are looking for a wireless keyboard that would match with your classy requirements, then Dell KM117 is the best-fit for you. Just have a look at its design, finish and the comfortable keys it comes with.

The Dell KM117 is a thin and sleek wireless keyboard and comes with a full 1-year manufacturer warranty. Its full size keyboard with nice key layout makes it a great choice for the classy people.

Logitech MK215


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Another great product for those who love to go wireless is Logitech MK215. Logitech seems to be dominating the space of the computer accessories industry and the Logitech MK215 stands among one of the best wireless keyboards, designed for those who hate to waste space when working on a computer or laptop. This is a compact, classy and advanced keyboard that comes with additional media keys so you can handle the media with the keyboard itself.

And guess what, it comes with 2-year battery life that is simply a great thing in this segment. The 10 meter wireless operate range and noise-less keys make it a great choice for those who need something best for their money.

Lenovo 100 Wireless Combo


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Lenovo has long been in the market of computer world, offering a great range of laptops and computer accessories and the Lenovo 100 Wireless Combo is a better choice for the budget-friendly people. The combo comes in your budget while ensuring you never compromise with the performance and quality. The Lenovo 100 Wireless Combo consists of a full size wireless keyboard that is designed to make using it a comfortable experience and a wireless mouse as well.

Users have been claiming that the keys of this combo pack are quite good and responsive while the mouse is light-weight and very useful for the wireless keyboard lovers.

Zebronics Wireless Combo


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If you have always been buying products from Logitech and Lenovo, then give a try to the Zebronics’ Wireless Combo. This is the cheaper and better version of the other wireless keyboards and wireless mouse available on the market. This is an economy pack that comes in the budget of every college student i.e. Rs. 1000, making it the best cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

The keyboard comes with the ergonomic design for better utility and performance and has been coated with UV for better durability. It uses very low battery which means you can use it for long times without any worries of battery loss.

GoFreeTech S003

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This is another a great choice for budget-friendly people who don’t want to compromise with quality. The GoFreeTech S003 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo is one of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo that comes under your budget. Users of the GoFreeTech S003 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo find it worth buying for this price as it offers similar performance to the other products that are available in the market but with a bigger price tag.


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