Best Hair removal Devices: For Smoother Skin Minus Hair

Best Hair removal Devices

Unwanted hair! We all hate them and never want deal with them, right? Well, the good news is here – IPL machines are hand tools to deal with unwanted hair. IPL machines make things easier, whether you’re looking for the best ways to get rid of body hair for the sunbath or simply want to get rid of the underarm hair. The best hair removal devices for men and women makes things possible as it’s the easy and convenient solution to making sure your body remains hair-free.

Before you start using these highly effective machines, it is important that you understand that these machines will not remove the hair for good, but you can usually go a good month before the odd touch up is required.

Best Hair Removal Equipment:

Philips Lumea

Philips Lumea Prestige

A class apart the range, Philips Lumea works by applying gentle pulses of light to the hair. And you need not to go through the same process after a few days as you can enjoy hair-free skin for over 3- 4 weeks with a single use.  With different attachments, it is the right choice to deal with hair on the body, face, bikini-line, armpits, etc.

It is suggested that you top up every 4 to 8 weeks to enjoy a hair-free skin in the form of a big holiday or plenty of nights.

SmoothSkin Bare

SmoothSkin Gold IPL 200

If you are worried about the time you need to devote to use an IPL machine, then worry no more as the SmoothSkin Bare is here to help. This machine comes with glide mode so you can hold down the activation button and just move it up and down the skin for the better and smoother skin. It is a perfect choice to deal with legs and arms quickly and efficiently.

Also, the SmoothSkin Bare comes with stamp mode, which requires placing the skin on the device for each flash.

Braun 5001

Braun 5001

It is also known as the silk-expert IPL and perfect for its name, this machine is one of the best hair removal devices, offering smooth skin for men and women. With this device, you need not to worry about using the right setting for your skin as this comes with sensor technology to ensure the correct intensity. So, no matter how and where you use it, this hair removal machine will adjust setting automatically.

It is possible to break the cycle of hair regrowth by preventing unwanted hair from ever reaching the skin surface.

Remington iLight Pro

Remington iLight Pro

The Remington iLight Pro comes with advanced 5 speed settings to choose from, allowing the users to ensure that sensitive areas only receive a low amount of light. This is the best hair removal machine for both the beginners as well as the regular users as you can set the desired speed accordingly so the skin gets used to the sensation.

It is the best product to permanently reduce unwanted hair.

SmoothSkin Gold IPL 200

SmoothSkin Gold IPL 200

This one is more espensive than the others in the list, but certainly has come additional features making it the best hair removal device for men and women. Thanks to its claimed position as the fastest and most powerful on the market, it is not difficult for the larger areas to take too long to cover, while gentle mode means gets your sensitive skin covered too.

The SmoothSkin Gold IPL 200 comes with additional features like glide and stamp mode that are aimed to help you apply the most effective treatment to different body areas.

So, the nest time you look for the best hair removal equipment online, it is a must to consider the top ones mentioned-above for the perfect and flawless skin that is free from hair.


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