Best Wireless Headphones You Can Buy in 2018

Best Wireless Headphones You Can Buy in 2018

The technology has gone too far these days, making things possible for the tech lovers. While just a couple of years ago you were forced to get tied with uncomfortable wires if you wanted to listen to your favorite music tracks, these days it’s a completely different story. The best cheap wireless headphones make things possible to you.

The wireless technology has evolved to a great extent, allowing music lovers to enjoy the uncompromised sound quality in a budget. The Bluetooth technology allows sound to be transmitted without the loss of quality while the compact batteries let you go on for days with just a single charge. Love them or hate them, wireless headphones are here to stay.

And since we understand your urge to enjoy the music to its best, we’ve compiled the list of best budget Bluetooth headphones you can get in 2018.

Let’s explore the list of best budget Bluetooth headphones:

Jabra MOVE

Jobra has been the top name in the music industry and its “Move Wireless” series headphones are the best all-round option on the wireless headphone market. Do they look heavy? Don;’t worry they’re not at all as they just look like beasts but are just about a pound and are a relatively low cost option yet deliver excellent sound. The headphones stand out from the crowd and thanks to the energetic design, they look both bold and minimalist.

The Jobra Move come with dirt-resistant fabric for durability. You can find a 3.5” input on the left earcup allowing you to plug charger in to your device with a standard connector. Also, there is a multifunction button that allows you to play and pause your audio from the headset.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)

If you are looking or something to deliver unbeatable quality while being comfortable at the same time, the QuietComfort 35 Series II headphones by Bose are the top contender as they come with noise-canceling technology. Whether you just want to go through an MP3 audio file or need something for extended listening sessions feel comfortable, they are great choice.

And we all know that Bose has been the winner in music industry, the QC35 are built with microphones inside and outside the ear cups to sense unwanted noise comes to balance sound accordingly.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

If you have relatively small budget, yet you need something to blast your mind without letting you tied with the wires, the Creative Sound Blaster Jam is something exactly you’d love. The Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones come from the company better known for making computer sound cards. However, the company has done a great job with these headphones too.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam come with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC support offering you connectivity range of around 30 feet. It gives you the battery power of around 12 hours with a single charge, thanks to the 3.7 V 200mAh lithium ion battery inside, making them the best wireless headphones of al time.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser is back to the game with its PXC 550 headphones that have proudly earned its place among the best cheap wireless headphones in 2018. It comes with a noise-canceling technology along with the freedom to twist the right ear up from a flat position. Also, you can easily swipe up/down on the earcup for adjusting volume and change the sound tracks using left/right swipe feature.

The Sennheiser PXC 550 come with Bluetooth 4.2 connecticity and can remember two devices at a time. And the best part about these is the 30-hour battery life before needing to recharge.

Jaybird X3 Sport

There may be times when you’d want to ignore those heavy headphones and simply want to go easy with the technology. The Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset prove to be the best for you when you are working out in the gym or simply walking around the park. They come with six pairs of eartips in various sizes – all of which are sweatproof and fit well under a helmet.

the best thing about these best workout headphones is that they come with three sizes of optional ear fins that help hold the earphones in place while you train tough in the gym. You can simply loop the chord behind or in front of your neck according to your comport. The earphones come in an array of colors: military green, black, red, white and gold.



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