Can Chatbots Replace Humans In Customer Service?

Can Chatbots Replace Humans In Customer Service?

The wave of chatbots taking over the global online business industry has been frightening for those who are in customer service and support jobs. There have been countless discussions over how chatbots are better than the humans when it comes to customer support.

Many people claim that chatbots will be the end of live customer service and that the sales professionals and agents should start looking for new jobs now. But are the chatbots really going to replace humans in the long run?

Of course, chatbots are emerging faster than ever is an undeniable fact. But the final decision over the discussion about the chatbots vs. humans is still not identified. To make your decision easier, I’d like to tell you what chatbots really are and how they are helping the businesses.

Chatbots are already helping eCommerce industry…

There is something that no one can have a doubt upon is the ability of chatbots in the customer handling as they have proven very useful in the e-commerce industry already. Ever since Facebook legitimized chatbots in its Messenger platform, it laid a foundation for major change. The Facebook chatbots are currently being used by more than 1.2 billion people monthly.

And the global eCommerce industry believes that chatbots can produce fantastic results for the companies involved. While most of the companies across US and UK are not currently using them, but they would like to do so in the future.

…but they can’t replace humans!

No doubt how widely the chatbots have been used by companies all across the world, no AI can completely replace human interactions in such areas. And the reason here is the complexities of questions that users make with nuanced queries which may change across areas and cultures.

Customers, sometimes, may just want to know about the current discount offer, but sometimes they would want to have a glance at the particular are of a service that you are offering. It might include some customization as well.  Chatbots may be able to guide users through a specific process, but not they can be trusted when customers ask complex queries. In such conditions, only a human mind can be helpful.

To replace a human being in such a job, an AI would be smart enough to take decisions itself. Of course, we are nowhere near there yet, if that time ever even arrives.

Chatbots may take some jobs… but in future!

Like any new technology, chatbots will take time to reach near-to-perfect situation where they can work just like the humans, but we need to wait for a few more years for that.

With experts working constantly on improving the technology, it is very much possible that the future will be full of chatbots and other kinds of AI assistants.


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