Chinese airlines allows mobile phones in flights


This might come as a great relief to people who’d want to enjoy their favorite music tracks or to try their photography skills as several Chinese airlines have begun allowing passengers to use their smartphones. Flight passengers are allowed to use mobile phones in flight mode, announced the Chinese airlines on Thursday, lifting a ban on their use during flights.

Earlier, passengers could access the internet through Wi-Fi to use their other electronic devices such as tablets and laptops but not phones. However, the Hainan Airlines and China Eastern Airlines took the lead in lifting the ban after China’s civil aviation authority in September left the decision on the carriers to make the call on whether to allow phones or not on flights.

The restriction of using mobiles during Chinese Airlines came with tough penalties. The passenger found to be using mobile phones could be charged with damaging the public order which could result in up to 10 days’ detention.

China’s largest budget carrier, Spring Airlines, followed suit on Thursday, announcing the permission to passengers to use mobile phones in flight mode from next month.

Earlier in 2017, Beijing police detained three people for using mobile phones during flights, revealed Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The lifting of the ban came as a great relief for the passengers who’re unaware of the rules that was limited only to Chinese Airlines. It’s been welcomed with passengers sharing selfies taken on their phones during flights with the two airlines.


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