All Flights in India Will Have In-Flight Internet Connectivity

Picture of a young smiling woman wearing a checkered shirt using her smartphone during a trip with airplane. She has white ear plugs in her ears listening to music while she is writing something on her phone. In the blurred background are seats with other passengers.

Use Wi-Fi and Internet in Flight: Listening to the same old playlists or watching the pre-downloaded videos during flights will be a matter of past as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommended to provide in-flight connectivity on Friday. TRAI recommended providing both Internet and MCA services over Indian airspace.

The decision has been left for the airlines whether they want to provide Internet services or MCA services, or both. Speaking with the media persons, TRAI said, “There should be no barrier in the provisioning of any of these services as long as the security concerns can be addressed and provision of these service is technically feasible. This is why providing both the Internet and MCA service has been made mandatory for the Indian airlines.”

The decision of allowing to use wi-fi and internet in flight came after on Friday several rounds of consultation with industry and other stakeholders, which started in September last year.

The minimum height restriction of 3,000 has been set for mobile communications.

TRAI also mentioned that the Internet services should be made available through onboard Wi-Fi only when electronic devices are permitted to be used only in flight mode. Passengers will be informed to use the devices when boarding is over and the aircraft is about to taxi.

TRAI has also proposed to establish a separate category of license called ‘in-flight connectivity (IFC) service provider.’ In order to promote the concept of in-flight connectivity, these service providers may be charged a nominal licence fee. The regulatory requirements should be the same for both Indian and foreign airlines.

The provision to use wi-fi and internet in flight may come as a surprising and amazing news for the people flying across India, may be a common thing for foreign carriers as most countries are already offering the services in their aircrafts.


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