This Flying Vehicle Could Be Your Uber One Day


Apart from working on the driverless vehicles, Uber seems to be working on making future transports really amazing. After a few years you book an Uber, you may expect a flying drone approaching you to help reach your destination without those messy red light junctions or traffic jams.

Speaking with the Media persons, a spokesperson of Volocopter said, ‘we grow more disappointed every year by the fact that science fiction hasn’t come true. We are still trying to make our cars to fly. But maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what a flying car would actually look like.”

The German startup Volocopter, formerly known as E-Volo, has been developing drone-like VTOL that would have the capabilities of vertical takeoff and landing. Recently at CES, the electric-powered Volocopter 200VC took its first autonomous flight in North America at Las Vegas.

In the year 2017, automotive corporation Daimler invested $30 million in Volocopter after it successfully achieved to enjoy its first flight in Dubai.

Uber Aims to Drive Flying Cars One Day!

Yes, that’s right. Uber aims to offer flying cars to the people looking for Uber services. the idea of Uber to offer flying cars one day went public more than a year ago, and since then the idea has only gotten more serious. Uber claims to offer flying cars by 2020.

Also, the leading taxi providing company has also made deals to run some kind of service in Dallas and Dubai.

Recently, Uber announced that coming 2020, it wants to launch at least a few flying cars in Los Angeles to let people enjoy the uncompromised comfort and faster commute from one place to another without worrying about the traffic signals or traffic jams. Integrating a fleet of flying cars in Uber is an immense, but not impossible job.

So, hold your breath for the future transports are coming to your way as Volocopter is quite
serious about helping the technology touch the sky.


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