How to make money online- Learn from this tiny tot whose earning is $11 million

How To Make Money Online
How To Make Money Online

Most people out there don’t enjoy the typical 9-5 work schedule and get bored with their same daily routine quite easily. Following this, some start looking for the best ways on how to make money online while others look for some entertainment or plan to change the job as early as possible so we can make some more money. However, this small child is not just enjoying his life being surrounded by the countless toys, but also making huge amount of money by simply reviewing these toys on YouTube. And the craziest part is-he’s only 6-year old.

Meet Ryan, one of the most paid YouTubers in the world who made $11 million last year by reviewing toys on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is just 3 years old and is already enjoying millions of viewers and followers who are regularly visiting his videos.

The 6-year old millionaire – How To Make Money Online

Ryan started a YouTube channel when he was 3-year-old – ToysReview – which got quite famous after his review for the Giant Egg Surprise got viral over the internet and became very popular across the global users. Till date, his video for Giant Egg Surprise has been viewed over 800 million times and the number is still counting. Ryan’s mother, who worked as a Science Teacher, left her job and is working for Ryan full time and handling his accounts.

According to Forbes, Ryan’s YouTube Chanel was the joint eighth highest paid YouTuber last year and made over $11 million. Ryan is just 6-yar-old and has successfully made enough money that any professional working in a corporate industry can’t even think about. Since then he’s racked up billions of views, Ryan is turning to be an ideal for most youngsters.

Every day, millions of children are engaged watching the YouTube videos of Ryan and youngsters are taking inspiration from him about the best ways to make money online. For some of his fans, Ryan is not just another kid. He is their friend.

So if you are also looking for the best ways to make money online, then here’s an example you can implement to start making your own money by following the footsteps of the little kid!


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