Huawei Charger will charge device 48 percent in just 5 minutes


Huawei has released a new video teasing its next-gen technology for fast charging, secretly releasing its fastest charger for mobile. This is probably the fastest smartphone charging technology available in the world. Developed by Huawei Watt Lab, the new technology is claimed to charge smartphone batteries 10 times faster than conventional batteries.

The video displays that the battery is charged 48 percent in just a few minutes. The technology was first revealed in 2015 itself, but teasing it again, hinting at perhaps an upcoming launch. This makes Huawei the first company to develop fastest charger for mobile.

The latest video posted by Huawei claimed to have an innovative quick charging solution that holds the capacity to refill 48 percent of battery capacity in 5 minutes. Huawei claimed “The Huawei device will last enough for a 10-hour talktime with just a five minutes battery charge. This is 10 times faster than the current charging time,” claimed Huawei.

The leading smartphone manufacturer believes that its new quick charging battery will offer backups in electronic devices such as mobile power supplies, smartphones, computers and electric vehicles.

Back in 2015, Huawei released two videos which displayed a 600mAh battery charging to 68 percent capacity in two minutes and another video showed a 3000mAh capacity was charged to 48 percent capacity in five minutes. The latest released video seems much like the second video though the ‘3,000mAh battery capacity’ part has been omitted this time. Get the fastest charger for mobile today to enjoy the technology.



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