Instagram Gets New ‘ Last Seen’ Feature. One More Feature Coming Soon!


Instagram seems to be adopting the latest technology and the most popular features that are already found in other popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Now, the Instagram latest feature allows people to check ‘last seen’ status.

The “Show Activity Status” feature is enabled by default of Instagram settings. However, you can decide to switch it off, if you don’t want people to know your last activity time. But remember that if you disable the activity status for yourself, you can’t check others’ too. It may be possible that Instagram is just testing this feature for a certain number of users, but it’s available for several people using Android and iOS devices.

Your followers aren’t able to check your last active status. Only people you follow or have previously DM’d will see how much time ago you were scrolling through your feed.

In a statement, Instagram Spokesperson described that the new feature is aimed to make it easier for people to have fun. “We’re aimed to make lives easier, enjoy real-time conversations on Instagram. The latest feature has been rolled out to let people see when their friends they follow or message in Direct were last active on Instagram.”

“Also, this feature allows the Instagram users to see when their friends were last active. However, this feature only appears in the Direct inbox and you can control the visibility of your activity status in Settings,” added the spokesperson.

Apart from this, the Facebook-owned Instagram is also testing a new ‘Type’ feature. This feature will enable the text-only, written Stories on the mobile app. Until now, the Instagram stories had been based on videos only. Users, with the ‘Type’ feature, can choose from different fonts, different backgrounds, and even apply filters on Type.


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