Instagram New Feature: Supports GIFs in Stories


Are you an Instagram freak and love posting new stories after every few hours? Well, here’s something you’d like to know about the Instagram new feature. Instagram is officially adding GIF support to its stories feature. The announcement was made by Instagram on Wednesday, claiming “Instagram users can now plaster dancing cats and flying cheeseburgers over their photos and videos.”

Instagram has integrated hundreds and thousands of GIF files in the gallery that makes the options endless of moving stickers to choose from thanks to GIPHY integration. Along with the GIF feature on Instagram, the company has also announced an upcoming feature for the users.

Instagram users can upload photos and videos of any size to stories, saving them from the time consuming process of cropping the images or videos in that 9:16 (portrait) format.

How New Instagram Feature Works?

In order to enjoy the Instagram new feature, users can simply tap on the ‘add sticker’ button at top of the stories as usually. Once tapped, the can easily choose the new GIF option and add a GIF file to their stories from the whopping wide range of options available in the library. They can simply drag the best suitable one they want onto their photo or video. Also, they can choose to browse trending GIFs on GIPHY.

As mentioned earlier, the Instagram is also adding another great feature for the users. You can upload the videos and photos of any size ratio to the Stories. Soon, you’ll be able to pinch the uploaded image or video to share it in its original ratio. So, very soon you will be able to save time on explaining your friends why they’ve been abruptly cropped from your story. Additionally, Instagram is going to fill the extra room surrounding the image with a custom color gradient that matches it.

The Video and image feature will be live soon, but as of now, Instagram new feature GIF stickers has been made available for the general people. The feature is available from today on version 29 of the app on both Android and iOS platforms.

“The feature to use original size videos and images will be made live in coming week,” Instagram says.



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