How to Make Your Fitness Tracker App Work More Accurate?

How to Make Your Fitness Tracker App Work More Accurate
How to Make Your Fitness Tracker App Work More Accurate

Let’s face it, we all want to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But the problem is we usually fail to achieve our fitness goals. If you are one of those who’ve used best fitness tracker apps and failed, did you ask yourself where you went wrong? If not, then it’s the right time you start thinking. The healthcare apps are designed by the experts to help you monitor your workout and eating activities to avoid things you should not indulge into.

Before you start using the healthcare apps, you need to personalize them, which help to keep the most accurate accounting possible. Information like calories burned and stride length vary greatly between individuals, so it’s important to personalize your to recognize your details before you use it. If you are planning to buy fitness tracker gadgets, read our another blog on best fitness trackers under $50.

Let’s know how to make best fitness tracker apps more accurate.

Never lie with the app

The first thing fitness tracker apps ask you is the few basic details like your gender, age, height, weight etc. It is always recommended to enter your accurate information to give your fitness tracker the most accurate starting place. With all your details about yourself, the app can display estimating stride length and the number of calories burned. The information can be then refined by calibrating the device, but these details make a good starting place.

Wear at the right place

When you are running on the road, you never want to take the pain to stop and then check your workout progress. Thus it is important to place your device at the most accurate place to track walking and running is on your hip or wrist. If you are riding a bicycle or a bike, wear your tracker on your shoe or clipped to your sock. Using your device on the right place allows best fitness tracker apps to make it a comfortable experience.

Select your activity

Before you start an activity, it is important that you select the right one to check accurate results as the best fitness trackers apps use algorithms that take into account the physical movement to display results. Hence it is important that your app know what you are doing. This way you help your tracker give you a more accurate reading of your calories burned.

Calibrate Stride Strength

Using the best healthcare apps or fitness tracker apps is a great choice as they come with calibration mode. However, if you are using the one which lets you manually enter your stride length, it is smart to take advantage of this. Stride length can be measured easily. Go somewhere you can measure an exact distance, which should be at least 20 steps long. Divide the distance by the total number of steps.

Fitness calibration workout

Usually, the best fitness tracker apps estimate calories according to the distance covered. Also, the apps use your personal information provided at the initial stage. For example, an app with heart rate monitor use your heart rate to make that number more accurate. Some fitness apps come with ability to measure your VO2 max and your VO2 is determined by looking at your heart rate data over the course of your workouts. Also, it is recommended to do the heart rate zone calibration test to make sure the perceived exertion matches the right zone.



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