Montana is first State to Officially Implement ‘Net Neutrality’


Net neutrality has been in talk for the past few months. If you’ve been unhappy with the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of net neutrality regulations, then it’s the time you move to Montana that holds the first position in the world to officially implement net neutrality in Montana. Montana’s Democratic Gov., Steve Bullock, announced to sign an executive order requiring all internet service providers with state contracts to commit to net neutrality on Monday.

According to net neutrality in Montana, “All traffic on the internet should be treated equally.”

The event makes Montana the first state to successfully implementing the net neutrality, pushing back against last month’s ruling of the Republican-led FCC. The ruling essentially dismantled the rules adopted under the Obama administration in 2015.

According to the rulings of Obama administration, internet service providers be barred from charging companies a fee to reach customers faster than competitors or blocking or slowing down access to the internet. Advocating the right to net neutrality to the general public, consumer advocates claimed that the internet services like Facebook and Google, and nonprofits, including the New York Public Library, are essential to free speech and innovation.

The cable operators and phone companies, on the other hands, say that the rules went too far in treating broadband like a utility.

“According to the latest judgments, Montana internet service providers will require to follow net neutrality principles to obtain state government contracts,” announced Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat, during the event.

End-run around FCC preemption

Although the principles have been successfully launched by the state government, but the rules can be challenged in court. However, the state governor is aiming to make net neutrality a condition of state contracts rather than a law for the Internet service.

“In order to receive the contracts from Montana Government, the telecommunication service providers and cable operators will must not block lawful content, throttle, impair, or degrade lawful Internet traffic. Also, they must not engage in paid prioritization, or unreasonably interfere or disadvantage the users’ ability to access broadband Internet service,” added Bullock.

Of course, Montana become the first state to take this action, but the implementation of neutrality is still pending in various other states.


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