NASA Brings Mars to Earth At CES This Year


NASA Mars Mission:  The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an amazing way to display the future of humanity. It brings great opportunities for the people to look to the heavens and get excited about what the technology can turn into a reality.

And NASA, without a doubt has brought something amazing in the third year in a row, getting people to step foot on a foreign planet. The CES is held at Las Vegas, where NASA is Using Microsoft’s Hololens head set, allowing attendees to walk around a small area of Mars, where they find themselves surrounded by red-clay sand and dust. NASA is also allowing people to walk up on an AR image of a rower.

Speaking with the media persons, Kimberly Williams, a public affairs officer with NASA’s Ames Research Center, said, “The CES is meant to display the future of humanity. And this year, NASA aims to give people the experience they can almost sympathize with us when it actually happens.”

“Soon, NASA is planning to colonize humans on the Mars under its NASA Mars Mission, the red planet and once we achieve the target, people will remember these days when they actually experience how life will be on Mars,” added Kimberly Williams.

Of course, this is not the first time when NASA has brought something unrealistic to the common people. Over the past two years, NASA has collaborated with other entities on a variety of ambitious projects.

Earlier in 2016, National Geographic built a VR ride that simulated a landing to promote a fictional show about Mars and FrameStore and McCann built a VR bus for kids. NASA even turned astronaut Buzz Aldrin into a hologram last year.


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