Need iPhone Battery replacement in India? Be Prepared for a Long Wait!


If you own an Apple iPhone and you’re waiting to enjoy cheaper battery replacement by Apple, you’d need to wait a little longer as the iPhone battery replacement programme has run into some difficulties in India. The iPhone battery replacement program was launched to facilitate users who were facing difficulties with poor performance due to old batteries. During the latest Apple iPhone news, a major supply shortage has been reported.

The situations on the ground suggests that people who own iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus are also facing delays in their attempts to get their batteries replaced.

In order to check the real-time conditions and know how the Apple iPhone news is working, Tecraze team approached various Apple authorized service centres across the country who stated that replacement batteries for various iPhone models and it was found that the authorized centers are in short supply. Speaking with the Tecraze team, a professional at iCare in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj said “More than 150 people have visited the store for replacement of their iPhone’s battery since we’re begun the programme. However, only the center has been able to help only two – of these customers due to supply constraints.

It seems like Apple underestimated the magnitude of the whole issue. Considering the price (one-third the original price) the value of the iPhone devices is likely to be hampered.

It is quite easy to get the iPhone battery replacement as you simply need to visit the Apple authorized center and get a diagnostics test to determine whether your iPhone is eligible for battery replacement. However, Indian iPhone owners may need to wait a little longer as the batteries are already out of stock.

The Apple iPhone news for battery replacement programme came as a great relief for iPhone users who could get their device batteries replaced for the iPhone 6 and later models at a price of Rs. 2,000 excluding taxes. The total price for battery replacement is around Rs. 2,600 after adding the taxes.



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