Now You Can Experience Mars with Google’s Access Mars

Now You Can Experience Mars with Google’s Access Mars

Have you been backpacking to your flight to Mars? Well, you’d need not to leave the earth to feel the real surface of the red planet as Google’s Virtual Reality Experience lets you access Mars looks best. Let’s have a look at how you can feel the Mars with the best technology blog.

It is a joint program launched by Google and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab that allows people to explore the real surface of Mars while being on earth. The Access Mars takes images from Mars Curiosity Rover that was launched on Mars back in 2012. The Access Mars then makes them into a 360°-view of the planet, allowing the ordinary wanna-be space explorer to feel the experience of walking on the can walk on the fourth planet from the sun – Mars – using technology similar to Google Maps Street View.

A website has also been created with an introduction explaining Curiosity’s trip to the Mars before landing where the rover landed in 2012. Users, with the help of a map, can also learn about the certain immediate locations and call up a map to move to certain spotlight points.

With the Google Access Mars, you are able to see the real dunes, rocky outcrops and hills of the planet, as well as you can learn of the planet’s ability to sustain life. Curiosity Rover has explored various evidence of water, suggesting Mars’ life-sustaining capabilities have changed over time.

It also takes selfies in order to let us check about the wear and tear and other damage signs of aging on the vehicle. Although the mission of Curiosity was meant to last only two years, but it has been indefinitely dispatched to the deserted planet.

It is likely that the experience will update its data every few years to show what the vehicle has been up to.

If you still want to move to Mars in reality, then you’d need to wait for the Alon Musk’s Mars Mission as the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars by 2024.


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