Some Surprising Facts About Hashtag

    Some Surprising Facts About Hashtag

    Facts About Hashtag: Everyone knows about hashtags, and I know you too. But, have you ever though how much you know about Hashtag? You must be wondering that Hashtag has always been around, but that’s actually not the case.

    Let me unwrap some surprising facts about Hashtag that would really leave you surprised.

    Its founders aren’t the founders

    Ever since twitter was launched in March 2006, Hashtag was never a part of the original premise of Twitter.In fact, it actually didn’t have a name as well. Founders of Twitter tried naming it, and mobile was a big aspect of the product early on. The founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey,really liked the SMS aspect, and how people could update from anywhere and receive from anywhere.

    First hashtag was very practical

    It was first used by the former Google and Uber developer, Cris Messina, who came up with #barcamp to manage conversations during the BarCamp technology conference.

    Twitter founders didn’t believe it will work

    In a post on Quora, Messina recalled that Evan Williams once told him that he thought that hashtags were too nerdy and would be unable to succeed in the mainstream. But see that just happened!

    No signs of slowing down

    According to the figures, on an average 125 million hashtags are tweeted every day. The year 2007 stands winner when it comes to the maximum use of hashtags with around 9,000 times. The most popular hashtag in 2017 was used more than 300 million times.

    Your favorite hashtags may be the oldest

    Remember the trending #Followfriday? Ever wondered when it was posted the first time? Well it is nearly 11 years old as it was posted on Jan. 16, 2009, and there have been more than half a billion instances of #followfriday since then.

    Most favorite brand tweets have longest life

    Sometimes, you might just wonder a hashtag to be just a campaign based. But what if this evolves and becomes more than what we think it is?What if it becomes an annual franchise? You can easily engineer language of the hashtag to be one that can live on in perpetuity.

    The most tweeted TV show

    #TheWalkingDead is the most tweeted television show of all the time and the most tweeted about movie hashtag of all time is #StarWars.

    I believe they’re the most surprising factsyou’ve ever known about hashtags. If there’s any one that you know may leave others surprised, please share in the comment box below.


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