Top 5 Places to Watch Free Movies Online

Top 5 Places to Watch Free Movies Online

We all love watching movies, but we don’t want to waste hours on downloading them via torrent websites. So, what’s the solution to enjoy your favorite movie on the lazy Sunday afternoon? Well, don’t worry as watching free movies online is convenient way to see the movies you love that too without waiting for hours to download it.

All you need to do is to connect your laptop or smartphone with your smart TV or simply browse the free online movies websites on your laptop with an internet connection.

Considering the increasing demand of watching movies online, there has emerged a large number of options where you can watch free movies online. We’ve collected a list of the top ones where you don’t need to purchase any subscription yet can enjoy the largest amount of movies along with the safety of your computer or TV.

Explore the best places to watch free movies online


Crackle is the top on this list for a reason – It’s the best place to watch movies online through their partnership with Sony Pictures. Here you get a wide range of full-length free movies with stars you know.

Here you get the wide range of high-quality movies that look spectacular on whatever size of monitor or screen you are watching them on.

Amazon Prime Videos

Recently launched by the global leading eCommerce platform, Amazon Prime Videos is the fastest emerging online movies platform, allowing their visitors to enjoy free movies online without any subscription charges. You can simply register yourself with the website and enjoy a wide range of movies in almost every genre and multiple languages.

A great thing about this platform is that you get the premium quality videos that too without any sensor cutting so as to enjoy the most of your time at home.


This is another great place to watch free movies online. The platform is always trying to serve its visitors with something amazing and constantly new movies are added for better experience and to make available the visitors a wide range that never ends.

Here with Popcornflix, you get over 1,500 movies that include drama, comedy, action, horror, romance, family, documentaries, and foreign films. Also, you get web and film school originals. To play movies, you don’t need to register yourself, simply hit Play on your chosen movie and enjoy.


If you are the one who never settles with the limited numbers, then Viewster is the place for you where you get a fairly large collection of free movies online. Along with the largest collection of free movies, you also get several TV shows you stream for free as well.

You can explore the wide collection of free movies that are a mix of the names of movies you have and haven’t heard of. While you enjoy the movies at Viewster, you may have to watch some ads during the movie to be able to enjoy them for free. It has recently added a new collection of movies which include Galaxy Express 999, Fist of the North Star, Hell Baby, Roller Town, Friended to Death and Visioneers.


Come on, tell me you already know that you can enjoy a wide range of movies at YouTube. See, I knew that you know it. YouTube isn’t just the place to go to watch videos, but you can also enjoy multiple other videos like TV shows, tips videos and many others that people constantly keep sharing with others. They now have movies you can rent but more importantly, movies that you can watch for free.

You can easily access new and popular movies from the Movies section of YouTube. Also, you can browse through different genres and free movies that you can watch right now at no cost.



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