Top Mobile Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Follow

Top Mobile Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Follow

Mobile app marketing:  With more than 2.8 billion people checking their smartphones 150 times a day and an average person spending two hours a day on the mobile, these compact devices are firmly entrenched as today’s leading media and no one can deny how they are going to grow. So, if you are not reaching your target audience via mobile, you’re surely leaving a ton of money on the table.

Wondering what are the top mobile app marketing techniques to adopt?

Here are five mobile marketing practices companies must adopt in the age of “the mobile moment.”

Location-Based Marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing, customization is quite easy and location-based marketing is the biggest example of it. You can send notifications to specific customer group as they pass a store and promotions when they are near strategic locations that you are planning to target to grow your business. For example, you can send notifications to a people living in a particular area with 10% discount while make available 15% discount to people who are living in another location.

In-app Marketing

Google play currently has more than 3 million apps, while Apple has 2.2 million. Keeping this competition in mind, businesses must ensure offering the most personalized service possible through apps, or risk being ditched. And in-app marketing fuels relevance and engagement that helps build customer loyalty and drives retention as well.

SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS marketing might be facing various misconceptions, but with 91 percent of millennials text messaging weekly, it is quite important for the businesses to invest time in this type of mobile app marketing. Many corporations, including Walmart and Coca-Cola have integrated text messaging into their mobile-marketing strategies. Domino’s, when wanted to improve advertising at college sports games, turned to EZtexting for SMS marketing and it really helped.

Mobile Marketing Measurements

One surprising fact about the mobile world is that the ad revenue recently surpassed the amount spent on desktop ad revenue. It has become necessary to implement a scientific approach with billions of dollars being dedicated to reach customers on their mobile devices.

QR Codes

This is another great way to make your business mobile app stand above the competitors as the QR codes act as shortcuts for getting valuable information into the hands of customers and prospects. In fact, the QR codes are highly versatile and can function as a Facebook “like” button as well as offer coupons. Remember the QR campaign launched by “Guinness QR code on a beer glass?” When customers poured a Guinness into a special glass, the beer’s black color filled out a code on the glass that was scannable with a smartphone. Customers could use the code and check in via Foursquare, download coupons and promotions and invite friends to join them.

The above-mentioned mobile marketing strategies can be duplicated, each of them, and each offers your company the ability to increase exposure and grow while attracting potential clients in ways that are relevant and appealing to their interest in digital media.


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