Uber will soon launch driverless cars to pick up passengers


Uber seems to be planning the driverless cars that won’t need the human support to reach their destination. And guess what? These vehicle will reach your doorstep and pick you towards where you’re planning to that too with just small charges.

Uber plans to carry its passengers in the future-generation, autonomous vehicles without human backup drivers in about the same time frame as competitors. And it’s coming to you by the end of next year. The driverless cars are future and Uber has already started working on the technology to make pace with the technology of future transport. Advanced Technology Group leader, Eric Meyhofer, said “Uber won’t deploy the driverless cars without human backups unless they are proved safe.”

The technology will be used only once we can check the box, which means passing the robot driver’s license test,” Meyhofer said in an interview at an auto industry investors conference Detroit.

Adding to this, he said, “The technology is still under testing phase and we’re currently testing it on public roads in the Phoenix area. Our plans are big and we promos to start sometime next year in an unspecified location.”

The company is preparing Volvo XC-90 SUVs for the work. Currently, there are over 215 test vehicles carrying passengers with human backups in San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Toronto areas. All the autonomous vehicles travel nearly 80,000 miles per week gathering data and have given 50,000 paid rides, he said.

The company first started carrying passengers with autonomous vehicles in 2016. There were two people inside the vehicle, both Uber employees. The one sitting on the passenger seat documented the vehicle’s behavior while the one on the driver’s side intervened the car needed help.

Ever since the company first tested autonomous vehicles, the vehicle has improved to a great extent where Uber has successfully removed one of the humans and now the backup driver enters data on a screen in rare cases. So, you can expect Uber to reach your location soon with the driverless cars.


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