WhatsApp New Feature for iPhone Users – Switch Between Calls With a Single Tap

WhatsApp New Feature for iPhone Users – Switch Between Calls With a Single Tap

WhatsApp on Monday announced to launch its new feature for the iPhone users. The WhatsApp new feature for iPhone came with the WhatsApp update of version 2.18.22 that allows WhatsApp users to switch between voice calls and video calls with a single tap.  The users can simply tap on the ‘@’ mentions button in group chats to enjoy the feature, said the WhatsApp spokesperson on Monday.

Here’s the update about the WhatsApp call feature for iPhone:

Along with this, the ‘@’ button allows the users to scroll back to unread messages in which they are mentioned. The feature for Android users was already launched in the previous month and it is now launched for the iPhone users.

Speaking with the media persons, WhatsApp spokesperson said, “The v2.18.22 update of WhatsApp for iPhone is listed on the Apple App Store now and the changelog states. WhatsApp users can now enjoy the feature of easily switching between video and video calls using the tap of a finger while they are on a call.”

The ‘@’ button will be visible in group chats, that will allow the users to switch between the calls as they can switch using a single click or tap on the ‘@’ button. Along with switching between the video and voice calls, the ‘@’ button allows them to quickly scroll to unread messages where they were replied to or mentioned.

Earlier to this feature, WhatsApp users had to disconnect the voice or video call in order to place a video call with the same contact. However, with this new feature for iPhone users, users can simply switch from voice to video by tapping it. In order to enjoy the feature on their devices, users can accept the update and their WhatsApp new feature for iPhone will be implemented.

Both the callers on the call will need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp. This means, if a user is having the updated version and the other one is having an older and outdated version, the features will not be applicable. Those requesting a video call switch will be informed if the recipient doesn’t have the feature enabled.

Along with the switch call feature in WhatsApp, the leading messaging app mentioned another feature in the changelog. A ‘@’ button has been added as shortcut in group chats to quickly sort through unread chats in which you have been tagged. However, it is still a confusion among the users on how this feature works.


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