Don’t we all love bread pakora? Soft bread slices, dunked in besan batter and fried until golden brown. Are you craving them now? We don’t blame you. Bread pakora is a popular choice for anytime snacking in Indian households. You can relish it as your weekend special breakfast or pair it up with evening tea. It is indeed a drool-worthy indulgence. Nowadays, one can find many different versions of this beloved pakora. And recently, a street food vendor making “Chinese bread pakora” has caught the attention of the internet.

The video opens with a man spreading some stuffing, with his bare hands, onto slices of bread. He places more slices on the top, to make a simple sandwich. Next, the vendor cuts the sandwiches in half. He mixes the besan (gram flour) batter for the pakoras – once again with his bare hands – and then dunks the sandwiches into it. They are then deep-fried in oil and kept ready. The vendor goes on to slit the pakoras in half and fill them with a mixture of what looks to be shredded cabbage, fried noodles and spicy sauces. Some fried Manchurian balls are also added, and the pakoras are finally served with a side of gravy.


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