Today we are discussing a topic that might make you scrunch up your nose – body odour. Yup, that distinctive scent we all carry around, whether we like it or not. But guess what? It’s not all determined by our genetics, health, and hygiene routines. Surprisingly, the foods and drinks we enjoy can also play a role in how we smell. We smell what we eat, get it? Imagine this: you’ve just had a delicious meal – perhaps a plate of garlic-loaded pasta or a mouthwatering onion-infused curry. Hours later, you’re still exuding the aroma of your culinary adventure. It’s all thanks to compounds like allicin found in garlic and onions, which are responsible for those lingering scents. There are many foods that can cause body odour but we’re here with the scoop on seven foods and drinks that can help prevent odour keeping things fresh and fragrant.


Here Are 7 Foods That Help Prevent Odour: 

1. Embrace a Greener Diet

Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Well, it turns out you might also smell like what you eat. According to research published in the Journal of Chemical Sciences, participants who followed a vegetarian diet had milder and more pleasant body odours compared to their meat-loving counterparts. So, maybe consider adding a few more veggies to your plate?

2. Sip on Cooling Drinks

Swap out the sugary sodas for some cooling, refreshing drinks. Chaas, coconut water, lime water, can help keep you hydrated and potentially impact how you smell. Plus, staying hydrated is just a smart move for your overall health.

3. Load Up on Green Goodness

Make friends with your leafy greens! Green vegetables are like natural deodorisers for your body. Incorporating them into your diet not only supports your health but can also help keep your skin fresh and free of impurities. And who doesn’t want that healthy glow?


4. Be Herby and Happy

Don’t just cook with herbs, make them a part of your meals. Celery, parsley, sage, and rosemary – are all great options. These herbs not only add flavour to your dishes but could also contribute to a more pleasant fragrance wafting from your skin.

5. Dive into Delightful Salads

Salads aren’t just for fitness enthusiasts – they can be your secret weapon against unwanted odours. Loading up on salads and fruits can provide your body with essential nutrients while potentially helping to keep your odour in check.

6. Camphor Tea: A Time-Tested Trick

Beauty expert Suparna Trikha shared this trick with us. If you’re battling persistent body odour, here’s an old-school remedy you might want to try. Prepare a cup of camphor tea using the following ingredients: 1 lemon rind, 250ml milk and 3 drops of camphor oil.
Warm up the milk, soak the lemon rind in it for around 10 minutes, then add those soothing drops of camphor oil. Sip on this concoction before bedtime and see if it makes a difference. While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some swear by its effects.

7. The Science Behind It All 

Of course, there’s some science behind why certain foods and drinks influence our body odour. Just like how garlic and onions leave their mark, the way our bodies metabolise what we eat can affect the scents we emit. So, it’s not just about what you consume, but how your body processes it too.
Remember, personal hygiene still plays a vital role in managing body odour. Regular showers and wearing clean clothes can’t be ignored. But now you have an extra trick up your sleeve – adjusting your diet to give your body a little fragrance boost.


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