Those who run roadside food stalls often have interesting stories to share. We often come across viral videos and posts about these vendors and their work. The latest one grabbing eyeballs online is a post on X (formerly Twitter) about a roadside coffee seller in Mumbai. A user shared a picture of the seller and his small stall named “The Coffee Bar”. His menu features cappuccino, mocha, latte and black coffee. One can also see basic utensils and ingredients like coffee powder, cocoa powder and chocolate syrup arranged on top of a table. But that is not what caught most users’ interest.

What has got the internet all abuzz then? It’s the laminated poster the seller has attached to one of the table’s legs. It reads, “It’s my dream to take my The Coffee Bar to global market.” This is exactly what “interested” the person who posted the photo, as he explains in the caption. He also wrote, “Admire his dream and hope he makes it someday. It’s the best thing to happen to a country when young boys and girls can dream like this.” Take a look at the Tweet below:

In other tweets below the original, the person states that the seller’s name is Mayank Pandey and his stall is in Mumbai’s Thakur Village in Kandivali East. The original post has received 1 million views so far. Some people applauded the seller’s ambition and shared their best wishes. Read the reactions below:

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