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VR and AR are two of those biggest buzzwords within the industry of technology right now, and this is for good reason. Although not a brand new, the technology is rapidly developing and has the huge possibilities to impact nearly each industry. Since the AR fun implementation in the famous Pokémon Go game up to the life-altering usage in the hospital setting to rehearse the difficult surgeries, there seemed to be no boundaries to the AR and VR impact on different industries.

Being the event professional, you’re possibly more interested in the ways that you may use this technology for your events. There’s an endless quantity of means you can integrate these new technologies, and whether in tandem or alone, the VR/AR technology is just sure to excite and engage the attendees.

AR Name Assistant

And as cool as the virtual reality is, it is a large investment of money and time. When you still wish to impress the attendees with that exclusive tech-forward encounter but are not quite that sure you are ready to bounds headfirst into the AR and VR can be the ideal solution for you. The AR can be utilized in lots of similar ways as the virtual reality. The truth is AR can even have the broader range of the uses since this will require with a lesser immersive experience. Where the VR requires the headset with the audio in a minimum, the AR only required the mobile device or the AR glasses to make the augmented overlay.

It may sounds chilly, but how would this be place into action? Just going to the next networking event, then running into someone you have been introduced to many times. You do not remember their name; however, it is now unacceptable socially for you to inquire them. Imagine on foot up to somebody and through the facial identification glasses you are wearing, the name, company, title that pops up. This totally eliminates that clumsy moment when you need to admit you cannot remember their label. The technology can even be pertained to the mobile device, although it could not be as slight.

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AR Product Attributes

Whether or not you have been to the auto show before, you will probably know they are requiring many spaces. Between the thousands of cars and attendees, the location had to be big. What if there will be a way to decrease in the number of auto required and in similar time increases what the attendees saw? With AR, you can! Simply through holding their telephone up to an auto, the attendee would see it in each color option, with the features and interiors.

The attendees would not anymore be shopping blind, instead it would see the precise model they wanted in any color. The idea would be taken further by taking out the cars altogether. Now, it can seem far-fetched, but, in some years, it can be weird to have not really adopted the technology.

Showing using AR

The event decorations had been considered as one of the massive things that tied the theme together. Through the upraised in social media, the event décor had to step this up in line of making “insta-worthy” instances and to please attendees. Take the event decorations up the notch through using AR to make engaging and exclusive experiences for the attendees. Not really sure how this will work? Check out this museum did in displaying their most costly paintings, although they were stolen years before, then, never recovered. Through the assistance of AR, the event decorations will hit home the theme while connecting and “wow” the attendees.

Give the attendees the peace of care

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In as great as the VR is, you must be aware that the attendees can have some of the security concerns with regards to the technology. Because of the impression of the VR experience, the attendees needed to be eager to totally leave behind the present world. It will mean leaving behind computers, wallets, purses and etc., which cannot be something everybody is comfortable doing within the middle of the busy expo hall.

So for the attendees to become comfortable, make that secure VR experience. One example is, you may choose to set up the smaller room like what other companies did. It will allow the attendees to feel really comfortable in explaining their possessions and bags without the panic that something will happen. Even if you cannot set up the isolated space, that does not mean you cannot give the attendees the peace of mind for their convenience. When a separate room is not possible, make the small storage area in your booth for the attendees to place the possessions inside. The virtual reality is certain to be an achievement, but for the most possible experiences make sure that you give the attendees that peace of mind.


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