Bananas are undeniably the most popular fruit worldwide. They are available year-round and make for versatile ingredients in the world of gastronomy. You can have them as fruit when ripe, and they are used as vegetables in their raw form. Additionally, you can also make use of the flower, leaves, and stems in various ways. What adds to their popularity is their rich nutrient profile – bananas are packed with fibre, protein, healthy fats, and several essential minerals that boost digestion, metabolism, and overall nourishment. Regrettably, they come with their share of controversies as well. Due to their relatively high sugar content, bananas are often considered bad for people with diabetes. But that doesn’t mean you should completely give up on their goodness. Here, we will explain two smart ways for diabetics to consume bananas without compromising on health.

Can Diabetics Eat Bananas?

Bananas are storehouses of nutrients and benefit your overall health in multiple ways. In fact, they work as wholesome goods by themselves, keeping you full for a long time. Hence, Delnaaz T. Chanduwadia, Chief Dietitian and HOD of Nutrition and Dietetics at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre states that one can eat bananas in moderation while under the guidance of an expert. “A qualified nutritionist could guide you about the timing and amount of consumption, keeping in mind your glycemic control and line of treatment,” she states.

Adding to this, Sweedal Trinidade, Senior Officer of Dietetics (HOD) at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and MRC, advises that one must not combine bananas with “lunch or dinner, which are your major meals or meals rich in carbohydrates. Instead, it is a safe practice to eat bananas as a mid-meal snack, so that the calories are burnt throughout the day.”


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2 Safe Ways To Consume Bananas Without Any Risk:

If you want to avoid the risk completely, here are two of the best ways to enjoy all their nutrients without compromising on health.

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1. Have Banana Tea:

The drink is just what it sounds like. You have to boil a whole banana in water to extract all its nutrients and eliminate the carbs. Then strain the tea and drink it hot. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of bananas without adding excess sugar to the diet.

2. Have Raw Bananas:

According to health experts, raw bananas have low sugar content, making them a safe food for people with diabetes. According to a study by the University College Dublin in Ireland, resistant starch found in bananas may help control blood sugar levels in your body and support gut health. Click here for a delicious raw banana recipe that can be ideal to add to a diabetes diet.

So the next time you get a banana in hand, think twice before tossing it. Instead, consult your expert and know the correct way to include it in your diet. Eat healthy and stay fit!


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