In a major decision for holistic development of the villages, Punjab Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Singh Mann  announced special grant of Rs. 5 lakh to unanimously elected panchayats under ‘Mukh Mantri Pind Ekta Sanman.

Stressing on to maintain brotherhood and bonhomie in Panchayat Elections, the Chief Minister said that these elections are critically important for the development of the villages, thereby the state government has anounced to extend the special grant to the villages which will elect Sarpanch and Panches unanimously. He said that this decision will set the trend to elect their representative unanimously across the state and root out the political acrimony from grass root level.

The Chief Minister of Punjab said that Panchayat Elections are mainly concerned on the development of villages and these elections shouldn’t be used as the tool to score the political grudge against the opponents as the people of the villages sharing sorrow and joy of each other since time immortal. He said that the Sarpanch is the real leader of the entire village not for one particular section so they should act as the leader of the village. Bhagwant Singh Mann urged the people to put aside their political differences and elect their Panchayat representatives unanimously in the coming elections so that the ethos of brotherhood and harmony could be further strengthened.

The Chief Minister exuded confidence that maximum number of villages will exploit this monetary assistance opportunity with the implementation of this decision to elect their Panchayat representatives instead of their political affiliations and put their villages on high growth trajectory.

The Chief Minister of Punjab also announced that every possible effort will be made to keep these elections free from political spheres. He said that the purpose of this decision is to create congenial atmosphere during Panchayat elections and ensure overall development of every nook and corner of the villages. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the successive governments used these elections as the tool to create factionalism among villagers to gain political mileage but at the end the villages have to bear the consequences.


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