If you have a deep thought about the pros and cons of residing in Sweden? This country is one of the Scandinavian countries that lots of immigrants want to reside in. They are known for their snowy landscapes, world-class cities, and other factors. This country has a good quality of living that is up to standard with other Scandinavian countries.

Over the years, they have been able to do well in terms of their economies, social care, etc. This has helped them to have a good reputation, and there are diverse cultures that are available in this country. One thing is common about Swedish people they can make fun of foreigners or immigrants not in an abusive way, but in a friendly manner.

Fact about Residing in Sweden

The following are key facts about living in this Scandinavian country:

  • Total population: 10,302,984
  • Largest city & Capital: Stockholm
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Total land area: 173,860 sq miles
  • Official language: Swedish & English

Pros of Residing in Sweden

The following are the Pros of living in Sweden:

1.     Low-cost Education:

Most of the universities in Sweden are free for students. This is the reason Swedish citizens prefer schooling in their country based on the fact the government takes care of the tuition fee. This has assisted students from a poor background to gain quality education. You can also learn how to obtain Sweden student visa if you’d wish to study in Sweden.

2.     Affordable Healthcare:

Citizens from other countries will feel having quality healthcare in this country is expensive, but it is an erroneous belief. In Sweden, the maximum amount of fee one can pay for healthcare service is 1,000kr, when once anybody obtains that threshold, they will be getting free healthcare in their subsequent visit.

3.     Fast Internet Connection:

The country has one of the fastest internet connections in the world. They are among the first countries with a swift connection. The frequency at which 4G enabled gadgets operate in this country is amazing. They have been able to build a solid reputation for themselves when it has to do with technology.

4.     Sports lovers:

This country is in love with sports, and this has allowed the indigenes to blend with foreigners.  When it comes to handball, you will find people who are passionate about it. Apart from handball, there are other sports such as football, ice hockey, and others. This brings people from different races together.

5.     World-class Skiing:

The temperature in this country is very cold, especially for new immigrants residing in Sweden. The level of snowfall in Sweden is on a high side, and this has led to citizens carrying out cross-country skiing. There is an avenue for anyone to ski for more than 20 minutes.

Cons of Residing in Sweden

The following are cons of living in Sweden:

1.     Climate and Weather:

New immigrants need to acclimatize the weather condition in Sweden. During the summer season, when the sun is out, people do wear a normal shirt and shorts. Generally, the weather condition is extremely cold with heavy snowfall.

2.     Health Insurance is Limited:

They offer health insurance affordable by most citizens. Whenever you are being troubled with any issues, you have the right to visit any medical professional. The major disadvantage is for anyone to get more health insurance benefits, they must pay more.

3.     High Level of Isolation:

People in this country want to be on their own, except there is an activity to unite them together. Therefore, for you to be a friend to any Swedish people, you must have made repetitive efforts to draw their attention.

4.     The Government controls Alcohol:

If you are someone who is deeply in love with alcohol, then residing in this country is going to be a problem. After the Second World War, the Swedish citizens were obsessed with alcohol, and this affected economic growth. This was the major reason the Swedish government is controlling the alcohol intake of her citizens.

5.     No metropolitan cities:

This country lacks major cities where massive commercial activities can take place. The only urban city they have in this country is Stockholm, and this happens to be the capital city of Sweden. The total population in this capital is approximately 1.5 million people.


Sweden is a country known for its cold weather that allows for skiing activities. In as much you will be residing in this country, there are pros and cons of residing in Sweden. Therefore, you need to have this in mind and maximize other benefits you are going to have.


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