interesting things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Being the only city in Vietnam that wasn’t bombed during Vietnam, the city of Hoi An brims with an old town charm that is rich in history and culture. It has over 800 historical monuments making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is definitely one of the prettiest places in the whole of Vietnam. This is why many people seek Vietnam packages.

This riverside city has some of the best experiences to offer to all types of travelers. With an array of beautiful cafes and bars along the banks, its a true treat to the eyes, especially after dusk as all the streets, are lit up with signature Vietnamese lanterns that make the whole setting cheerful putting you in the right mood. The museums in Hoi An are also worth visiting as they hold a lot of historical significance.

10 interesting things you could do in Hoi An are:

  1. Visit the Tan Ky house

This is a legendary house that belonged to a family of merchants. This house was built in the 18th century and it is one of the most significant historical buildings in Old Town. With a mix of traditional Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese style architecture, it takes you way back in time to give you a sneak peek into the seven generations that grew up here. You can find personal items that belonged to the merchant family displayed for visitors to see.

  1. Get a suit custom tailored

It’s a fact that a few people come to Vietnam just to get their suits tailored because of it’s booming textile industry and how inexpensive it is. If you have about 3 days to spare, you can pick your favorite clothing material and get a suit or a dress custom-tailored to perfection. What an unique memorabilia from a trip, isn’t it?

  1. Grab a coffee

Vietnam is super famous for different types of coffee and Hoi An boasts of serving some of the best espresso in the country. Head out to Mia Coffee who roast their own beans which are handpicked. This is as authentic as it gets when it comes to Vietnamese coffee. You can also buy bags of coffee beans to take back home.

  1. Head out to the An Bang beach

This serene white-sanded beach is all about offering you the perfect and relaxing beach day, away from the crowds which you very much deserve. You can find many cafes and restaurants along the coast where you can indulge in some delicious seafood.

  1. Taste Cao Lao

This is the traditional masterpiece dish of Hoi An. As you may expect this is of course a type of noodle but it comes with a twist. This noodle is made out of brown rice which is hand-cut and is topped with delicious pork cubes, rice crackers, and freshly chopped herbs that are all put together in a bowl of delicious broth. You definitely do not want to miss while you’re here.

  1. Experience the nightlife in Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most happening places in the country. Head out to the An Hoi islet via the central footbridge to enjoy some of the best Bia Hoi which is the locally brewed beer for a refreshing experience.

  1. Visit the Lantern market

You will not be doing this city justice if you don’t check out their locally made signature lanterns that will literally bring color to your life. You can find these all around the banks and markets. The traditional lanterns are made with Vietnamese silk and you can enjoy the view of the streets all lit up with these cute lanterns if you visit this place after dusk.

  1. Check out the Japanese covered bridge

This is definitely known as one of the most romantic spots in the city. This 12-meter long bridge is famous for its ornate carvings which are shaped like monkeys and dogs. You will find couples having their picture-perfect moment on this lovely bridge.

9. Stroll around Old town

Being the only city that wasn’t bombed during the war, Hoi An has been able to successfully preserve all the rich and glorious architectural masterpieces which can now be admired by everyone. These 2000-year-old buildings made Hoi An a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  1. Visit the Hoi An Museum

This is the main museum of the city that teaches you all about the history of this place right from the Cham period leading up to the colonial period. You can find many interesting paintings, photographs, ceramics, and their signature massive bronze temple balls.

Well there are tons of other things to do as well in this beautiful city. You can pick your favorites depending on the number of days you decide to stay here. Is vacation planning getting a little overwhelming and do you feel like you want to do everything there is? Do check out the Vietnam packages available on Pickyoutrail’s website.

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