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Chandigarh: Haryana Police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested 436 people in 444 FIRs registered during the intensified campaign against sale, storage and transportation of illicit liquor in the state between November 11 till Monday evening.

Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapoor has said that the police department in nabbing perpetrators engaged in the illegal liquortrade, employing a zero-tolerance policy.“The sale of illegal liquor is a serious offence and will not be tolerated in Haryana. Those who engage in this activity will face the consequences of their actions,” he added.

He said to curb the sale of illegal liquor, multi-level monitoring is being implemented, resulting in the arrest of offenders. “This campaign will continue indefinitely to deter those involved in the illicit liquor trade,” the DGP said. Senior officials in the state are actively monitoring liquor vendors, ensuring effective communication and immediate apprehension of offenders. Regular video conferences with district officers contribute to coordinated efforts and meaningful actions to tighten the grip on those selling illegal liquor.

Highlighting the recent successes of the campaign, the DGP said during the specified period, the police team recovered an impressive 11,368 country bottles, 1,449 English bottles, 774 beer bottles, 2,352 liters of liquor and 354 liters of raw liquor.

He issued a stern warning to liquor vendors, urging them to refrain from succumbing to greed and engaging in the illegal sale of liquor. The police department will take decisive action against violators, ensuring that no individual is above the law. Director General Kapoor further appealed to the public to promptly report individuals involved in the illegal production and sale of spurious liquor. Assuring confidentiality, he stressed the importance of community cooperation in ensuring timely and effective law enforcement actions against offenders.


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