Milk record: Murrah buffalo wins tractor at Barnala fair | Haryana News
Sakshi, a murrah buffalo belonging to Haryana farmer Amit Dhanda, created a record by giving 22.3 kg milk in the three-day cattle fair organised in Punjab’s Barnala district.
Dhanda, who belongs to Mahalsara village in Hisar district, won a tractor for his murrah buffalo’s feat at the Dhanaula fair, where a competition was organised to extract maximum milk.
The prized buffalo was sired by the popular murrah bull, Sultan. “Sakshi was born from the sperm of Sultan, the famous buffalo of Kaithal, which was priced at Rs 21 crore in the Pushkar fair. Sultan’s sperm is very expensive,” explained Dhanda, who returned to his village with his buffalo and the tractor in a convoy. Owner of two cows and 14 buffaloes, Dhanda works as a junior engineer in the Haryana canal department and rears cattle as he is fond of animal husbandry.
Dhanda has opted for a very scientific approach for rearing his animals – he gets the temperature of his buffaloes and cows noted every two hours and also has a chart of how much fodder all the animals eat and how much water they drink in a day.
“If a buffalo eats even a little less fodder or drinks less water on any given day, the issue is examined deeply,” said the cattle farmer.


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