Mumbai Man Places 3,580 Orders On Zomato In 2023 - That's Over 9 Times Daily

Food delivery company Zomato has recently unveiled India’s food order history through the app in the year 2023, revealing some of the most surprising order histories from people across the country. In the report, Zomato shared that a man from Mumbai named Hanees was the nation’s biggest foodie this year, placing a total of 3,580 orders, which amounted to nine or more orders per day on average. Along with Hanees, three more people from the country stood out in this report. According to Zomato, “a person from Bengaluru placed the biggest order of the year.” Any guesses for the amount? Here’s the big reveal. It was exactly Rs 46,273.
As for what seemed to be the biggest orders in one day, “someone from Mumbai placed a total of 121 orders in one day!!” Lastly, someone Zomato wished they were friends with, “a foodie in Bengaluru sent 1389 gift orders via Zomato worth Rs. 6.61 Lakhs.”
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Along with this whopping number of orders, here are 3 food items people ordered the most using the app.

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Here Are 3 Most Ordered Food Items On Zomato In 2023:

1. Biryani:

The most ordered dish in 2023 was Biryani, with a total of 10,09,80,615 orders. That’s enough Biryani to fill 8 Qutub Minars! Just imagine!

2. Pizza:

Next in the second position is Pizza – amounting to 7,45,30,036 orders. Put together, they can cover the area of more than 3 Eden Garden cricket stadiums.

3. Noodle Bowls:

Noodle bowls amounted to 4,55,55,490 orders – enough to wrap the circumference of the Earth 22 times! We’ll need a moment to wrap our heads around this huge amount of noodles!


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