Exciting Careers For Food Enthusiasts Who Do Not Want To Cook

Everyone needs to eat but only some are truly passionate about food. If you call yourself a foodie and are thinking of or rethinking career choices, there may be a spot for you in the food and culinary world. Jobs in the food world go beyond the stereotypical chef-at-a-restaurant idea, although this too can be your calling. If you cannot imagine yourself cooking for long hours, there are still plenty of roles you can choose that do not involve cooking in the kitchen but still enjoying the wonderful world of food. Let’s explore!

Here Are 5 Career Options In The Food Industry Beyond Being A Chef Or Baker:

1. Restaurant Manager

As a Restaurant Manager, your role is to ensure that the restaurant you manage runs smoothly. You will have to hire staff, ensure there is adequate staff for optimal functioning and create their work schedules for efficient running of the restaurant. You will also be required to speak with customers if there are any issues.

2. Food Stylist

A Food Stylist focuses on plating and arranging food for aesthetic purposes. This could be simply to make the presentation more appealing for whoever eats it, or for taking food pictures or videos. They also work closely with photographers and media professionals. Having a background in the creative or culinary arts can help you pursue this career.

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3. Health Coach

A Health Coach helps their client improve their health through healthy lifestyle changes. A better lifestyle can help in combatting or alleviating the impact of several lifestyle diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Health Coaches help manage areas of wellness including stress, nutrition, sleep, activity and time management. Since diet is a crucial element, it can help you become a part of the health wing of the food industry.

4. Food Technologist

In this profession, you are required to study the physical, chemical, and biological composition of foods. This is done to ensure good quality food preservation, processing and packaging procedures are followed, along with improved food storage and delivery processes. Food technologists also find ways to improve food’s nutritional values and ensure that packaged or processed foods meet industry and government standards.

5. Food Photographer

As a Food Photographer, your role is to take the most amazing and realistic pictures of food for product packaging, cookbooks, websites, magazine articles, social media as well as food advertisements. The pictures must be so good that the viewer would want to eat that dish immediately. While it may sound easy, this job takes expertise to achieve the desired results.

Are you interested in following any of these career paths? Tell us in the comments section.


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