This Was The Most Ordered Food On Zomato On New Year's Eve: Report

Indians love their biryani and this has been proved time and again. From being the most searched food on Google to being the most ordered one on different platforms, biryani has been grabbing all the attention for years now. This time, yet again the dish became the undisputed winner on Zomato’s list of most ordered foods on 2023 New Year’s Eve. The food and restaurant aggregator recently shared a report on ‘How India Ordered On NYE 2023’ and biryani topped the list, followed by pizza and others.

“Biryani is unbeatable”, writes Zomato, while sharing a graph of the dishes ordered on December 31, 2023. The graph features dishes like biryani, pizza, burgers, idlis, rolls, desserts, and more on the Y-axis against the time of day on the X-axis. While pizza initially was in the top spot, biryani emerged as the ultimate food choice among Indians by the end of the day. The third position was acquired by starters, which was then breads and snacks.

Here’s the detailed post for you:

This quirky post till now has received 207k views, 13k likes, and hundreds of comments.

“That idli dosa combo went 0-100 real quick,” wrote a person. Another comment read, “Kasam se jo yeh biryani ke nashey kar raha hai na apna desh (I believe, the country is high on Biryani).” A third comment read, “Biryani ke aage koi bol sakta he kyaaaa! (Can anyone say anything beyond biryani!)”

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A person wrote, “Biryani is the King.” Behrouz Biryani’s official Instagram handle wrote, “Biryani ke bina dawat ho hi nahi sakti (No feast is complete without biryani).” Biryani Blue’s official handle mentioned, “The only bar we need to raise is to eat Biryani ‘bar-bar’!”

Do you too believe biryani is the most popular food at any party or special occasion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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