AIMTC appeals to drivers, transporters

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Issuing a clarification statement on the rumours of a driver’s strike tomorrow, the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) President Bal Malkit Singh on Monday appealed to the transporters to not fall for such rumours and that no such strike has been called by the body.

AIMTC chief said that the Centre has made it very clear that the ‘Hit and run’ provisions contained in the Bharatiya Nyay Samhita 2023 are not being implemented as of now and will be consulted in the future before any further development.

“AIMTC wants to clarify that there are rumours all over that there will be protests in the whole country against the Bharatiya Nyay Samhita 2023 on hit-and-run cases. I want to inform all transporters, drivers and people in India that the issue is resolved. The government has made it clear that this law is no longer valid. I appeal to everyone to not fall for any rumours and continue with your everyday functions,” Bal Malkit Singh said.

Under the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS), which replaced the colonial-era Indian Penal Code, drivers who cause a serious road accident by negligent driving and run away without informing the police or any official from the administration can face punishment of up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 7 lakh.

Many transporters and farmer organisations have criticised the new law and demanded its immediate repeal. Also, a strike was also called on by the Odisha Motor Transport Workers Federation. However, the strike was later called off following intervention by the state government.

“Today, a strike was called by the Odisha Motor Transport Workers Federation. We called a meeting with the senior members of the federation. We explained that this particular section regarding hit and run is not yet implemented and there will be extensive consultations after which a decision will be taken. Since the Union Home Secretary has conveyed this in a video message, it is wise to consider and call off the strike and thankfully the federation agreed,” Odisha Chief Secretary, Pradeep Kumar Jena told ANI.

Earlier, Home Ministry said that the Centre has taken cognizance of the concerns of truckers regarding the provision of 10 years imprisonment and fine, under Section 106 (2) of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita after a detailed discussion was held with the representatives of the All India Motor Transport Congress on January 2.

(with inputs from ANI)


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