Former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda Criticizes BJP’s Collection Policy

Former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda Criticizes BJP's Collection Policy

Former chief minister and leader of opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Saturday reacted sharply to the repeated enhancement collection from the “city dwellers”, saying that the govt should take cognisance of the burden put on the people who are already battling recession, inflation and unemployment.

“The BJP is continuously ignoring the pain of the people, but the demands of the city dwellers will be seriously considered after the formation of Congress govt in the state,” said Hooda.Residents of Bahadurgarh Sector 2, 9 and 9A had come to submit a memorandum to Hooda. Later, during a conversation with the traders on law and order, Hooda said life of the common man had become miserable due to “uncontrolled” crime under the BJP govt.

“Incidents like firing, ransom, loot, robbery, murder and rape have become a part of the daily routine of the people. In just 4 days, incidents of demanding ransom of Rs 9 crore from three businessmen have been reported from Hisar alone,” he said. The central govt itself has accepted that Haryana is the most unsafe state in the country, and the BJP has proved to be the worst in providing security to its citizens, he said. “The business class is constantly facing incidents of threats, ransom and firing. They have to pay ransom to miscreants,” claimed Hooda.

“Protecting lives and property of people is first responsibility of every govt, but BJP has proved to be a complete failure in fulfilling its responsibility and the govt which cannot provide security to the citizens has no right to remain in power. When Congress govt will be formed, Haryana will again become a safe state,” he said.


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