High Court Notice to Punjab Over Occupied Toll Plazas

High Court Notice to Punjab Over Occupied Toll Plazas

Chandigarh: The Punjab and Haryana high court on Monday issued notice to the Punjab govt based on the National Highway Authority of India’s petition against repeated encroachment upon the state’s toll plazas during protests and the law-and-order problems that it creates.

Punjab’s advocate general (AG) must respond in person at the next hearing on July 10. The Laddowal-bypass Jainpur village office of NHAI’s Ludhiana implementation unit project director, Lichhman Ram, wants the high court to direct he govt to reopen the toll plazas that the protesters have closed illegally.

Om Jan 12 in 2023, the high court had directed Punjab’s govt and director general of police to protect the NHAI’s toll-barrier staff and property from the trespassers. On February 15 and July 12 last year, the DGP (law and order) stated on oath that he had put his field units on alert. After this affidavit from police, the high court had disposed of the matter. NHAI’s counsel Chetan Mittal argued that despite that affidavit, some of the Punjab toll plazas remained occupied.

Seeking immediate hearing, Mittal submitted that: “The protesters shut four toll plazas by force, which caused the central exchequer a loss of Rs 113.21 crore. The NHAI is under serious occupation at all the four spots.


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