Deepender Hooda criticizes Haryana for unpaid Ayushman Bharat bills

Deepender Hooda criticizes Haryana for unpaid Ayushman Bharat bills

Rohtak: Newly-elected Rohtak MP and Congress leader Deepender Hooda on Sunday slammed the BJP govt for announcing the Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Haryana “without allocating sufficient budget” for the scheme.

Deepender, who was in Rohtak to thank the voters for his electoral win, said: “In Haryana alone, empanelled hospitals have about Rs 300 crore in outstanding payments, with Rohtak having around Rs 25 crore of pending bills.”

He expressed concern over the situation, noting that starting July 1, private hospitals in Haryana have decided to halt the treatment for the Ayushman card holders.The primary reason cited is the Haryana govt’s failure to pay for the treatment provided under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, he said.

“There is growing anger among private hospital operators over delay in payments and unmet demands. Govt owes crores of rupees to hospitals, yet it is unresponsive,” Deepender alleged.

Supporting the demands of the Indian Medical Association, the Congress MP called on the govt to find a solution. He promised to raise the issue in Parliament and also said the Congress party would address the genuine concerns of the stakeholders in the Haryana assembly.


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